IKA Vacuum – VC 10 Vacuum controller

Universal vacuum controller for a two-point calibration of multiple vacuum sources. It comes with a chemo resistant ceramic pressure sensor. The high-resolution TFT display ensures intuitive operation and navigation. The ventilation valve works even during a power outage and aerates the vacuum chamber. In addition to the manual mode, up to 10 programs can be saved, with up to 10 pressure/time sequences, even allowing for saving the last experiment run. It is possible to manage the experiment via labworldsoft (RS 232 interface) and to connect an external PT 1000 temperature sensor to measure the temperature of all applications. The knob also emergency stops the controller and aerates the vacuum chamber. The longevity of the valves is supported by the cleaning function which can be adjusted for every application. The operation of the vacuum controller is facilitated by a choice of languages (menu). The firmware of the device can be regularly updated with the free Firmware Update Tool (via USB).


Data Teknis
Depth: 110mm
Power input: 24W
Input pressure max.: 1050mbar
Power input standby: 2W
Temperature measuring range max.: 200°C
Temperature measurement resolution : 1K
Height: 150mm
Time setting min. : 1s
Temperature measuring range min.: -10°C
DC Voltage: 24V=
Weight: 1.5kg
Width: 95mm
Time setting max.: 6000min
Current consumption: 1000mA
Accuracy of temperature measurement: ±1K
Input pressure min.: 1mbar
Measurement uncertainty: 1mbar
Resolution pressure: 1mbar
Medium temperature (gas) min.: 5°C
Medium temperature (gas) max.: 40°C
Fastening diameter: 16mm
Connection diameter venting side: 8mm
Control range max.: 1100mbar
Control range min.: 1mbar
Connection diameter pressure side: 8mm
Connection diameter suction side: 8mm
Pressure max. for pressure sensor: 1.6bar
Measurement range (absolute) min.: 1mbar
Measurement range (absolute) max.: 1100mbar
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Voltage: 100 – 240V
Condensate trap: no
Temperature unit: °C / °F
Emission condenser: no
Material in contact with medium: Al2O3, PTFE, FPM, PPS
Vacuum sensor type: ceramic Al2O3
Two-point control: yes
explosion proofed: no
clean room qualified: no
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529: IP 20
Timer: yes
RS 232 interface: yes
Vacuum sensor: yes
Connection for ext. temperature sensor: PT1000
USB interface: yes
Boiling point detection: yes
Solvent library: yes
Vacuum speed control interface: MVP 10 digital
Two dot vacuum control interface: VC2.4
Fastening: stand / clamp
Permissible ambient temperature min.: 5°C
Permissible relative humidity: 80%
Permissible ambient temperature max.: 40°C
Pressure unit / scale: mbar, hPa, mmHg, Torr
Analog speed vacuum control: yes
Venting valve: yes
Gas ballast valve: no
housing material: PBT
Display: TFT
Vacuum valve: yes
Analog output: no